Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Women at Work Places

The ongoing waves of sexual misconduct allegations in media, politics, entertainment and tech has placed extra focus on men in positions of power, the study says.
 There is large number of books, seminars and conferences geared towards how women should act to prosper in the workplace but there are very few resources are geared towards educating men on how to build a successful career that promotes workplace inclusion.

Women must be included in social outings and team meetings

It has been observed that women are isolated in the workplace for outdoor or unofficial time meetings, but this is hardly the solution. Mentorship, networking and workplace promotion are all equally crucial to a woman's success as that of a man.
If the colleagues are treating the women colleagues with respect, it is not only the enough required thing to support them at professional place. It also means not isolating or ignoring them — and making access equal.

Give women credit for their ideas

Studies and Surveys show that when it comes to meetings, women are more likely to be interrupted, talked over, or have their ideas stolen by male colleagues
There are large numbers of women who work in various industries like tech, gaming and science, and we were discussing the phenomenon lately.
The act of advocating for a female colleague who has been copied and not credited is very important. This not only gives moral strength to the women but also encourages them to bring more and more new ideas.

Hire women, and give them opportunity to work

Everyone agrees that women do  unbelievable jobs but still prefer to hire men in larger numbers. It is evident that the companies with a diverse workforce not only have an increased pool of skill sets, but also excel the performance. The companies should expand their scope for finding more eligible women employees by reaching out to those professional organizations which are geared towards women or attending college job fairs at all-female institutions. Not only this but to ensure that women of all races and communities are also included in their hiring practices, companies should also attend conferences and reach out to organizations geared towards ethnic minorities.

Don't factor a woman's personal life into professional decisions

It is the truth that many times, women are not considered for a promotion, job change or transfer because it is a general assumption that they would not prefer to the professional demands more than the family demands or family requirements. To some extent, it comes to be true also but in some cases, women should be given flexibility towards these decisions.
The opportunities should not be taken away from women only because they are women, rather than giving them the full opportunities they deserve, they are given only the opportunities to work. This should not be done to them.

  Be mindful of harassment

If you are a man, it is not enough for you not to harass a female colleague. You, the men, must play a role in preventing, highlighting and reporting situations in which harassment occurs.
According to my opinion, when female employees get to know that they have a group of people supporting them, and reporting for them, it helps increase their confidence and it leads to them not being quiet.

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