Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Skill Development is required, and more than that, the Contribution to attain it

Having gone through various news matters and articles, I have observed that skill development has been one of the most talked subjects for last few years.We do realize that India has the largest number of youths (10-24 years), more than 300 million, and there remains tremendous potential for skill development, as in the coming years, our developing nation would depend on this large number of youths. Though government has announced several initiatives and programs for the skill development and training, nevertheless the contribution from the other bodies are equally important.

The world is changing very fast. It is today vastly different from what it was a ten – fifteen years ago, day by day new explosion of technology has reduced geographical barriers and created a highly mobile global workforce.
There is no doubt that young people are the innovators, creators with creativity and leaders of the future. But they can transform the future only if they have attained right skills for making it.

Many people have been discussing on the importance of skill development for this largest youth nation but in my opinion, it is not a matter of such a great debate. I don’t feel it is a choice but a mandate requirement of time, both for the nation and for the individual. If not happens, according to the need, the nation will lose the worth of its precious wealth (in the form of youths).
Economic growth of the nation depends on productivity of industry and its people. But people can only be productive if they are provided with good health, quality education, relevant skills, and are made aware of livelihood opportunities presented by the economic growth around them. This brings us to the question of how can we make skill development effective as a key strategy for national development. 

With a centered focus on entrepreneurship as well as employment, and having my own strong personal view on the same, I have taken few important initiatives for the skill development of the people through my non-profit Welfare Organization.

We work on the development of skill for youths, male and female, both, so that they can earn their livelihood and survive a better life. It is the mission of my organization is to provide the vocational training to the youths with latest mode of working and technology which helps them to get works at better wages.We have seen that in the rural and sub-urban areas of the country, there are still some people who don’t even have the basic knowledge of internet and computer. My organization is bringing the knowledge of technology available to those areas so that they can catch the pace with the speed of technology development.

Apart from this, we have provided tailoring classes with updated technologies to more than hundred young men and women, who, after completing the  courses successfully, have received the relevant work opportunities and are earning satisfactorily. The figure, we had begun with, has been planned to increase with the larger areas. Other mechanical work training have also been provided to a large number of youths for having good work opportunities where they will have the larger scope of work and will not be rejected because of not having updated work skill, as, in every field of works, the style has been continuously changing.

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