Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Our Education System : The Change is Required

It is clearly visible that we are making fast progresses in almost every possible field off our life. In the series, we are successful to the great extent in making huge changes for the betterment of education at various levels too, but still I find that there remain some areas of neglect, one of which is the evaluation system. No doubt, we have excellent central and state universities in our country and equally good professional institutes like the IITs and IIMs, yet a lot remains to be done in the education system.

What I realize that being stuck with the age-old examination system to assess the students' capabilities is not the fully positive thing. Sometimes the students scoring 80 to 90 per cent are considered geniuses; whereas as fact it might happen that their understanding of the subject is bad. Our education system at schools and colleges judge a students' knowledge of the topic through a three-hour examination only, no matters they understand it or not.

Students with a full package memory storage force themselves to contain all the required things which are expected to obtain 80-90% marks, and with the planned preparation, all they had studied the previous night, they come in the category of genius.  

This is disadvantageous to both — the student as well as the institution. As the students are aware of the topics relevant from the examination point of view, they only do selective study. In their bid to prepare for the test, they overlook several topics which may hold practical significance but are not expected to be asked in the examinations. The student can’t be said to be completely in sync with the subject.

What I consider that the rote system of learning is the best solution of all these things happening. The students should not be only judged only in the annual or semester examinations, but must be monitored for the progress at regular intervals. For this the rote learning is the easiest and most efficient way to instil knowledge by memorization and regular practices so that it forms a solid foundation on which an intellectual superstructure is to be built.

For a long time, educationists and academicians in our country have debated whether the education system needs a revamp.
Indeed, we need to move with the changing times and a re-consideration is required upon all these things.
There has always been over-emphasis on the theory part of the subject. Students should be made more adept with the practical aspect of the subjects and their understanding towards the concept is the most important, not the memorization of the questions and answers for scoring the particular marks in the exams. If the concept is made clear towards anything, no matters, in the examination, the question is asked this way or that way.  More time of the learning should be spent in the laboratories or the practical camps than merely cramming formulae.

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